Below is a list of my normal process. Because every project is unique, the process may vary slightly from the steps below.


First, I’ll give you your homework to set the stage for the project. This is considered the discovery phase.

  • Create a Pinterest board. On Pinterest, create and fill a secret board with visual inspiration for the project. (try to pin 5 logos, 5 color palettes, 5 patterns and 5 website designs) I have tons of inspiration pins , feel free to go through those. After you fill up your pin board, leave comments on each stating what it is you like about the pin.
  • Fill out my Branding Questionnaire Here.
  • Upload your website content (text and images) to Asana. 1 week before your project starts please upload your text and images to Asana. Please include headings and button text within the document and clearly outline where things should go.


  • Create moodboard (This will include the colour palette and aesthetic ofthe project.)
    • Complete 1 moodboard revision
  • Create 3 ‘main logo’ concepts
    • Complete ‘main logo- revision 1’
    • Complete ‘main logo- revision 2’
  • Create brand board with all other brand elements on it (logo variations, sub marks, fonts, patterns, and any other branding included in the project.)
    • Complete ‘brand board- revision 1’
    • Complete ‘brand board- revision 2’
  • Create social media branding
    • Complete ‘social media branding- revision 1’
    • Complete ‘social media branding- revision 2’

Website Design

  • Create wireframes of each page.
    • Complete 1 revision round for wireframes
  • Design the homepage and send to client for approval. No need to design all the other pages- we already know what the layout of these pages will be thanks to the wireframes. The pages will simply follow the same design style as the homepage when it’s time to create the live site.
    • Complete 1 revision round for the homepage mockup.
  • Create the live website, including all other pages.
    • Complete 1 revision round for the live website.

Final Stages

  • Final payment due
  • Send final files, hand over the website and schedule a complimentary 30 minute training
  • Complete the training session