Displays a registration form. Visitors can create a WordPress user account with this form


Shows a list of all memberships which the current user can sign up for


Displays the login/lost-password form, or for logged in users a logout link


Displays a info/success message to the user

type (info|warning) The type of the notice. Info is green and warning red Default: “info”
  • class (Text) An additional CSS class that should be added to the notice Default: “”


[ms-note type="info"] Thanks for joining our Premium Membership! [/ms-note]

[ms-note type="warning"] Please log in to access this page! [/ms-note]


Displays details about the current member, like the members first name or a list of memberships he subscribed to

Membership shortcodes


Displays the name of a specific membership


Displays the price of a specific membership


Displays the description of a specific membership


Displays a button to buy/sign-up for the specified membership

Less common shortcodes


Displays a logout link. When the user is not logged in then the shortcode will return an empty string


Displays the protection message on pages that the user cannot access. This shortcode should only be used on the Membership Page “Membership2”


Displays the “My Account” page of the currently logged in user


Display an invoice to the user. Not very useful