Project Scheduling:

BCM hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., PST.

Projects are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Please contact me to check availability.

Upon the start of our project, I will add you to Asana, my online project management application. Afterward, I will create a timeline with deliverable dates for both of us. If something doesn’t work for your schedule, we can negotiate.

Website and Branding Projects normally take up to two months for completion. Revisions and Client response time play a major role in project duration.

Client Response Time: I expect you, the client, to respond within 72 hours after you have received my comment or question in Asana. If I don’t hear from you after 72 hours, I will remove the project from the calendar and place it back on the schedule according to availability.

Please let me know if you aren’t able to work our project calendar into your schedule, and we can move dates around.

Copy: Please have your content ready by the start of the project. If you don’t have copy (text and images) ready, I will use placeholder text (Lorem Ipsum) that you can easily replace when you have it. If you need guidance creating content, let me know.


Acceptable Methods: I accept payments via Etsy, Paypal, or I do not accept personal or business checks, cash, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders.

Financing/Payment plans: Some services/packages may have Payment plans available with automatic second payment on a later date

Hourly Projects: Minimum of 1 hour for Design or Development. 1/2 Hours available for consulting and training services.

Hourly Rates:
Design: $80/hr, Consulting and Training: $200/hr (1/2 hours available), Development: $100


Once I give you a design draft, you’ll have two days to provide feedback. Once all of your ideas have been implemented and once all of your comments and questions have been resolved, I’ll provide a new version.

Normal Revisions examples include: Changing text, website color edits (not brand color changes, this is a bigger project), replacing pictures

Major Revisions: Structural changes or code changes, changing elements that fall outside the project scope revisions, redesigning the project, adding drafts that consists of 50% or more of the elements on a page. Abnormal revisions will act as a separate project scheduled according to availability.

If I don’t hear from you after the agreed date after the delivery of the project, I will assume you’re happy with the work. I will wrap up the project, and any balance will be due in full.

Final Sign Off

During the final sign off stage, sometimes called “launch,” you sign off by contractually accepting the final design either verbally on the phone or via email. I will transfer the files once you accept the final design.

No work will be done on site by client until project completion, at which point login will be sent to client and Breezie Castell Marketing Team relinquishes all responsibility to site.


I place accreditation as a hyperlink that reads “MADE WITH ♥ BY BREEZIE CASTELL” at the bottom of each website page.

Altering Work done by BCM

I pride myself in quality designs, therefore I ask that you honor my request in not altering the logo, website, or any other work produced by Breezie Castell Marketing without my permission first.


Due to the nature of this business, I do not give refunds for services rendered with Breezie Castell Marketing. I work closely with you throughout the duration of the project to keep the project on track.

Subject to Additional Fee:

  • Domain or hosting not included in any packages unless otherwise agreed.
  • Additional Pages on website other than noted in the package description are $175. (*Normal Pages)
    CMYK, Pantone Color or anything other than HEX color codes you will have to convert the HEX codes (web) to any other format (google: ‘color code generator’, or ‘HEX to ___’).
  • Printing of any kind (business cards, letterhead, etc.)
  • Product uploads to ecommerce stores are billed hourly as a separate project; however, eCommerce websites do include one product upload and tutorial.
  • Blogger to wordpress migrations might be subject to additional fee due to difficulty moving images and some code.
  • Custom functionality/ coding (ex: email signup forms, contact forms with custom fields, any javascript, php, or any code beyond basic css and html is subject to additional fee).
  • Layout changes in existing code (opt-ins at bottom of blog post, structural changes to header footer or blog subject to additional fee).
  • Copy editing or writing not included (although I might have a referral, just ask).
  • Major revisions is billed hourly as a separate project and scheduled according to calendar availability.
  • Custom emails ( are set up by you using Google Apps.
  • Additional assets: some assets, including fonts, textures, patterns, and stock photos, are your responsibility to purchase. If needed, I will post resources where you can buy these assets.
  • Opt-ins added to blog post template are subject to additional fee.
  • Advanced SEO training is available, and basic SEO is built into each website project.
    Longform, sales, or squeeze pages are subject to additional fees. A normal webpage consists of 600 words or less. Some designs, such as long-form posts and pages and ebooks, are priced per word.