Info & Terms

Long-form Pages: longform pages that are up to 600 words (i.e. sales or squeeze pages) have an additional fee.

Cost per word: some designs, such as long-form posts and pages and ebooks, are priced per word.

SEO: the website is SEO optimized. See SEO Best Practices.

Additional assets: some assets, including fonts, textures, patterns, and stock photos, are your responsibility to purchase. If needed, I will post resources where you can buy these assets.



BCM hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., PST.

Upon the start of our project, I will add you to Asana, my online project management application. Afterward, I will create a timeline with deliverable dates for both of us. If something doesn’t work for your schedule, we can negotiate.


Based on 20 projects completed in 2015 and 2016, projects, starting  from payment to launch, usually last approximately  2 months on average.

I expect you, the client,  to respond within 24 hours after you have received my email or voicemail.


I understand that life happens and sometimes you can’t be as involved as you originally planned. Please let me know if you aren’t able to work our project calendar into your schedule, and we can move dates around. I will schedule your project into our schedule according to availability.



Projects are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Please contact me to check availability.



I accept payments via Etsy, Paypal, or I do not accept personal or business checks, cash, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders.


Payment is usually collected in full upfront. Financing is available, and 10% will be added to the package price.

I don’t normally accept hourly projects. However, if I do an hourly project or if the project is an added revision, the following is how I structure it:

I round up invoices under one hour to the nearest hour. Example: an invoice with 47 minutes = 1 hour of work.

Minimum project time is 1 hour.

The hourly rate is $75. Although prices are subject to change at any time, it will not affect any package or agreement we already made.

A ’round’ of Revisions: Once I give you  a design draft, you two days to provide feedback. Once all of your ideas have been implemented and once all of your comments and questions have been resolved, I’ll provide a new version.

Note: minor website revisions are included and major website revisions are billed at my hourly rate.

Minor revision examples:

  • Changing color, placement (that don’t affect layout), and size (within 10%)
  • Changing, replacing, or reworking  no more than 10 texts
  • Replacing pictures (excludes new Photoshop designs or collages)

Major revision examples:

  • Changing page layouts
  • Changing elements that fall outside the project scope revisions
  • Redesigning the project  
  • Adding drafts that consists of 50% or more of the elements on a page

Note: You can request a change in placement or form in writing. This will act as a separate project scheduled according to availability.


Due to the nature of this business, I do not give refunds for services rendered with Breezie Castell Marketing. I work closely with you throughout the duration of the project to keep the project on track.

During the final sign off stage, sometimes called “launch,” you sign off by contractually accepting the final design either verbally on the phone or via email. I will transfer the files once you accept the final design.

Once the site goes live, I will give you the login information. After this point, Breezie Castell Marketing is no longer liable for edits, and you assume all responsibility for changes made to the site.

I place accreditation as a hyperlink that reads “MADE WITH BY BREEZIE CASTELL” at the bottom of each website page.