How Google Search Works

I was just browsing around google’s helpful articles looking for the best practices in website organization/page structure, when I came across ~this~ (heart eyes).

Pretty much every single client I take on asks me how to increase traffic to their website. It’s not something that can be explained in one sentence, but If I had to, that sentence would be:

“Write content that your users value”

In short, Google rewards websites that are honest, and put in effort into their websites. How Google measures these things are: inbound links (this shows that people liked your content enough to share it with their friends); Freshness of content (if you haven’t updated your site in 2 years, you’re not really reliable and google doesn’t want to recommend you), quality of the website (if your website isn’t built well, it will not function well and Google doesn’t want to promote that).

Google Search Results Learning Resources:

Here’s a video on how Google Search works

Here’s an insane pdf about how google checks out your website and decides if it’s worthy of promoting


In conclusion:

Put effort into your website. It’s not magic. It doesn’t happen just because I built a website for you albeit, a website google loves. It’s imperative that you are consistent and provide useful content to the web.

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