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    I help launch businesses all over the world with my website and branding services. I offer Logo design, Visual Identity, Web development and design, and more (if it’s business or graphic related I probably offer it as a service)

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I’m pleased to announce that I will be offering hourly marketing and business consulting via skype, zoom, or phone as of Summer 2017.

My calendar stays pretty full, so be sure to grab some time as soon as possible.

Here’s what you can learn when we work together

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Branding Identity
    Brand Strategy
    Creating a cohesive online presence
    Market Research
    Keyword Research
    Online tools to streamline your business
    Tracking your website visitors
    Q + A – Ask away! If I don’t know the answer to a question, chances are I have a professional who does
  • Social Media Marketing
    Wordpress Website Management
    Color Theory and Symbolism in branding
    What to include in your website
    Editorial Planning
    Advertising Solutions
    Getting people to your website
    Business Planning
    Free resources online you haven’t heard of

Benefits of Training + Consulting with me

  • Save money, save money, save money: By working with me and learning how to manage your business online, you will avoid the headache of reaching out to another developer, another specialist, another marketing person. I will give you the power to do it yourself, and the choice to hire out. You’ll be so busy with a thriving business, after all 😉
  • Take the power into your own hands by learning how to build your online brand, promote your business, and thrive as an entrepreneur.
  • Find out what your competition is doing – what solutions, plugins, or apps they’re using, what wordpress theme they’re using, what font they have, + more
  • Learn all the tools to make your wildest business dreams possible. I’ve worked with countless applications for my own business and helping others.
  • Recorded Consultations so you can refer back to them: If we use zoom for our consultation, you will see my screen as we talk, and you can save the video for future reference. I usually give a LOT of information, so it’s helpful if you can go back.

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