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Features design and layout

Highlighting features of an item

List Design and layout 

Hello! Im starting a new series to organize design inspiration for any publication you can think of. Feel free to peruse, as i thought it might be interesting. Use the tag inspiration

I’m starting with list designs here, and I will add and evolve each list as time goes by and I want to keep new inspiration.

This is really for my own record so I’m not going to say too much. Feel free to ask questions!

Clean list and info design layout great for health or wellness industry publications

How to organize/set up your blog’s categories and tags

Create them first, and then keep them in a spreadsheet. ONLY use those tags and categories. This will make it easy for visitors to find your content.
Here’s an example of a good category/tag hierarchy:
Categories (more broad):
Breakfast Recipes
Lunch Recipes
DInner Recipes
Snack Recipes
Tags (more specific):
low calorie, sweets, sugar free, superfoods, fruits, veggies,
vegan, vegetarian,