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How to organize/set up your blog’s categories and tags

Create them first, and then keep them in a spreadsheet. ONLY use those tags and categories. This will make it easy for visitors to find your content. Here’s an example of a good category/tag hierarchy: Categories (more broad): Breakfast Recipes Lunch Recipes DInner Recipes Snack Recipes Tags (more specific): low calorie, sweets, sugar free, superfoods, fruits, […]

Services Page Inspiration:

Wondering what to do/how to present the information on your services or “work with me” page? See below. These are from 2014 but it’s important to LOOK LOOK LOOK when you’re thinking about and planning your website or re-brand Dean Street Society Alright, I just can’t. I can’t wrap my peabrain around Dean Street Society’s […]

Write in your own voice

We get used to seeing salesy copy across the web and it comes naturally to say things like ” FREE! ” and ” I’ll show you how” but is that how you REALLY talk?

I heard someone call it the Friend Filter before. Talk as if you’re talking to your friends. Its way more genuine and authentic and your audience will appreciate it.

6 Free online Tools to help your business Grow

Here are another 6 Free online Tools to help your business Grow 1. Wufuu – Create Free forms online Wufoo has really great options for smart forms, conditional responses, adding payment abilities and customized responses. It features a drag and drop interface, so it’s super fast to collect information from your visitors. It integrates with […]

Feel-Good People to follow stat

Just came across this post that my girl Tina Hnatiuk posted a quote by today. Her name is Lissa Rankin, which led me to share with my dear friend Brie, who told me about a couple more daily inspiration gods and goddesses she follows. Wanted to share with you… “I’m now obsessed with the word […]