Hi, I’m Breezie

Mama to Phoenix, and Branding + Website designer.

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Empowering women on their journey to becoming entrepreneurs is what drives me.

I don’t think we realize how much we’re capable of, so my goal is to bridge the gap from idea to launch.

My Story

When I was 22 I started a vintage furniture store called ‘The Fancy Shack’ with $35 that I borrowed from my dad. I was literally refurbishing furniture IN my 500 sq foot studio, and then eventually had physical stores. It was successful and fun, but It didn’t fill my soul. I realized that I really loved the business side of it… That I was passionate about.

I learned how to build websites when I built The Fancy Shack Website. It was grueling, to say the least. Eventually I had a website that was good enough and to my surprise people loved it! The first thing people said when they called almost every single time was “Your website is so cute!”

The website wasn’t technically advanced, but it was creative, so people began asking, “Breezie, do you know how use Photoshop? Breezie, can you help me with my website?” I loved doing it, so I started charging for my services.

In 2011 I kissed my Fancy Shack goodbye for good (we had an amicable split); and I continued to develop websites full-time. Breezie Castell Marketing has been wildly successful, It’s my pride and joy, my child, my heart and I’m always working on it. If I’m not at my desk, my brain is working on the business: expanding my services, honing my systems, and developing and integrating new processes and applications.


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