Hi, I’m Breezie

I’m a mom to Phoenix, fiance to Joey, and Branding + Website designer.

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Empowering women on their journey to becoming entrepreneurs is what drives me.

I don’t think we realize how much we’re capable of, so my goal is to bridge the gap from idea to launch.

There is no comparison to the quality of life you have as an entrepreneur.

My Story:

Early 20’s Breezie would have gagged on her hot dog if you told her she would soon have the business of her dreams. I had no idea that all the scary decisions I made would actually work. 

Business has always been interesting to me, even at a young age. I remember driving past KMart when I was little, and suggesting to my father that he open a tool store to supplement his income. Solutions to problems fascinated me. My teenage years were filled with big dreams of being a young entrepreneur and adults that were impressed with my gusto.  After I graduated, I struggled with creating actionable steps to a viable career. I went from job to job feeling lost about what my calling was. A 9-5 job wasn’t my calling.I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to, do so I did everything. From AVID tutor to live-in nanny, to working in Real Estate. Nothing ever felt right.

At 20 I chose to stop beating a dead horse and let go of my dreams of having a business I couldn’t figure out how to start. What would I sell? What are the laws? What about accounting? How do I get people to buy my stuff?  I didn’t even know where to start, especially with no money. My job was mediocre and I accepted my life as it was.

My final straw working for anyone other than myself was having my creativity stifled. I had started a newsletter for the apartment community I worked for, and my ideas were shot down. That was it for me. I think subconsciously, the newsletter was me giving my job one last chance, and when I couldn’t be free to do something as minimal as a community newsletter, I knew I had something much much bigger to offer the world.

I didn’t have a plan, but I had things. Luckily I had some antiques I was able to sell to scrape by. Selling stuff I already had became selling things I bought to resell, and then at 22 I started The Fancy Shack… In my 500sq foot studio… With $35 that I borrowed from my stepdad.

It was a success. It was freeing and fun. I knew I would never work for someone else again. I really loved the job, my routine, and the hustle of finding antiques. Being an entrepreneur felt right, and even though I didn’t make much money, I got by.

I built The Fancy Shack website. It was grueling, to say the least. Now when someone comes to me frustrated trying to build their own website I understand their pain. I remember sitting at my desk at 3am one night and smoking 10 cigarettes back to back trying to figure out how to create a HTML image gallery.

Eventually I had a website that was good enough and to my surprise people loved it! It was the first people said when they called “Your website is so cute!”  The website wasn’t technically advanced, but it was creative, so people began asking, “Breezie, do you know how use Photoshop? Breezie, can you help me with my website?” I loved doing it, so I started charging for my services. In 2011 I kissed my Fancy Shack goodbye for good (we had an amicable split); and I continued to develop websites full-time.

Breezie Castell Marketing has been wildly successful. I constantly work to expand my services, hone my systems, and develop and integrate new processes and applications.

enough about me. Cheers to your new business.