Services Page Inspiration:

Wondering what to do/how to present the information on your services or “work with me” page? See below. These are from 2014 but it’s important to LOOK LOOK LOOK when you’re thinking about and planning your website or re-brand

Dean Street Society

Alright, I just can’t. I can’t wrap my peabrain around Dean Street Society’s amazing website. I really just… Who MADE this gem?! It’s so fun. All I want in my life is to build websites that make people feel how I feel when I look at this website.

Breaking it on down:

Hillary has broken her services down into uber-cool packages on a main page, and then more in depth on the sub-pages. See parts one and two. I’m totally going to buy every service of her’s one day.

Part 1) The services page:

Part 2) The in-depth info page styled SO FRIGGEN BEAUTIFULLY

Mentor — Dean Street Society 2016-07-08 18-23-17


Saffron Avenue

Probably my most most most favorite website. I don’t know how she does it, but I’m going to figure it out because it’s so damn PERFECTTTT. So — breaking this down, she has the page title, and her services boxed in two columns. Then she designs it with sexy little asymetrical triangles ( acute triangles, if you will ) and thin gray borders. Also – her look is so refined, yet she ‘colors outside the lines’ with the triangles which spill ever-so-slightly outside the borders. sigh. She’s so cool. Also– she uses *beautiful* images . Her website is the perfect example of why you should either purchase beautiful stock photos, get them done professionally ( yes, even closeups of styled desks) or invest in a good camera. Sink into her mint-colored glory below.

design services - Saffron Avenue : Saffron Avenue 2016-07-08 18-23-44

Lovechild by Aileen Chang

This website is so sweet and flawless. It feels like a child is hugging you.

The format/layout could be changed to fit your brand, but she basically has three circular photographs aligned horizontally with a subtitle designed below , and a three column body of text. It’s a really pretty way to display one chunk of text that might otherwise be boring!


picture from

Lauren Ledbetter

Lauren has a main information page with who she is and what she does. Her services are in a list to the left side of the page. Super chic and minimalistic. Her logo is my everything. I want to start doing brushed lettering like that for all ya’ll.

ps — her website has since been changed and this is what it looks like now.

Studio — Lauren Ledbetter 2016-07-09 13-25-14

Colleen Miller Events

This website is one of my most fave’s (If I do say so myself — I made it) Super simple full-width layout with the titles centered, lowercase, and italic. There are two images at the bottom and one aligned left next to the intro. She also has centered glitter cursive as each page title (home, about us , services, etc) to make this super organized , cohesive and fun. Also, feast your eyes on the glitter confetti in the footer.

Services - Colleen Miller Events 2016-07-09 13-25-58


One Part Gypsy

I pinned this and it’s been re-pinned a thousand times. It’s a very pretty website. I love her (or his) services page because it’s very tidy and succinct. The services page is like Dean Street, but it’s styled in list form rather than with images. There is a main services page, and sub-pages ( we call them “child pages” in the industry)

There’s also a centered quote with a subtle teal/turquoise gradient effect which matches the gradient of the gold in the logo (and coral in the logo icon). Lovely.

ps — her website has since been changed and this is what it looks like now.

Rachel Garahan : Creative Consulting, Clarity Coaching and Creative Direction 2016-07-09 13-29-38

Firefly Events

Okay, a client sent me this website as inspiration, and I really love it. There’s something about perfectly aligned elements in design that just really get my goat.

Firefly events logo -first of all- is pretty amazing. The contrast of the messy lettering with the structured website just do it for me. The services page is all centered with lots of white space and that’s it.

“Hire us, we’re awesome, peace out”

Services — Firefly Events 2016-07-09 13-32-15




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